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Welcome to the Independence Youth Wrestling Club website. We are committed to instructing the youth of the Independence area the intricacies of folk style wrestling. Currently we have 73 kids in our program that range in age from 5 to 14 years of age. The Independence Youth Wrestling Club established over 30 years ago to increase grappling skills and wrestling knowledge of the youth in the Independence area. Currently our gracious host for practices is the Bridger Junior High School in Independence, Missouri.

  Wrestlers from this program have gone on to wrestle for William Chrisman HS, Truman HSVan Horn HS, and Fort Osage HS. These wrestlers have increased their skills and earned College Scholarships to numerous colleges. 


Download and email Sign-up sheet to Chuck or Billy.

(Sign-up Sheet Click here)

Practices are underway at Jim Bridger Middle School.

Kids are welcome to join us as new wrestlers through December.

Look for competition updates on the results page.

Practices are held in the Bridger Middle School wrestling room in the main gym mezzanine.
We have active fund raising events that coincide with the KC Chiefs home games. Parents that volunteer to help with these events will receive monies toward their child's fees. Not to mention its a great way to meet some of the other parents and coaches outside the wrestling room.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(Sign-up Sheet Click here)
If you are interested in signing up. Please include your name and contact information along with your child's name, gender, age, and approximate weight.

Our kids will start Practice started November 2nd 2016 at Jim Bridger Junior High School.

 Look for competition updates on the results page.


Missouri USA Wrestling Coaches Code of Conduct

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